James Stuckey Leaves His Mark on New York City
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When twenty-four-year-old James Stuckey took on his first assignment as Senior Project Manager at the NYC Office of Economic Development, he never imagined that he would sit with the head of state of a former communist nation; negotiate with leaders of the hotel and construction unions, or piece together a deal with fish merchants at the South Street Seaport. James Stuckey also never dreamt that he would put together New York City’s wish list for Jimmy Carter’s Presidential re-election campaign or have to make decisions about the condemnation of people’s homes and businesses. As well, James Stuckey says that he could not have foreseen the events that would lead him to create affordable housing and over 100,000 jobs in New York City. James Stuckey also couldn’t conceive that he would soon run the city’s development corporation. But, James Stuckey did just that. All of it.

Just eight years after taking that first position, James Stuckey was appointed to head the New York City Public Development Corporation. During this time, James Stuckey completed over $15 billion in projects throughout the five boroughs, and crafted some of the most complicated public – private developments in the history of the nation. The projects that James Stuckey led have had a profound effect on neighborhoods, affordable housing, the environment, and New York City’s business retention. As well, James Stuckey says that the city’s workforce development remains positively impacted by many of the projects.

James Stuckey had his hand in a number of high-profile projects while working for the city. The South Street Seaport redevelopment, including a new Pier 17, has revitalized the area, making it a safe and accessible option for merchants and consumers alike, says James Stuckey. The Times Square project, which was completed two years ago, was one of the major redevelopment initiatives that James Stuckey conceptualized while he was the NYC Public Development Corporation’s President. James Stuckey says that this single endeavor has changed how and where people visit New York.

James Stuckey was involved with countless projects while serving the city of New York. On the commercial front, James Stuckey led the development of Chase Manhattan Bank, the Polytechnic University Dibner Library, and Astoria’s Museum of Moving Image, which hosts education programs for the city’s students and teachers. As well, James Stuckey helped craft the city’s iconic skyline through his involvement with the Metrotech Center.

On the Industrial front, James Stuckey renewed the Brooklyn Army Terminal and numerous Industrial parks throughout New York City and its surrounding communities. According to James Stuckey, the Staten Island Corporate Park is a project that was first drafted long before his time. However, it wasn’t until James Stuckey’s arrival onto the New York City development scene that these formerly unused wetlands became a vital Urban Renewal Area, employing numerous Staten Islanders while maintaining harmony with the nature surrounding the park. Today, the complex houses hotels, law offices, and investment firms, reports James Stuckey.

James Stuckey is the founder of Verdant Properties, LLC®, a development firm that specializes in green, sustainable and responsible building. In his spare time, he enjoys music and photography.

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